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main branch

  • change keep alive method for xgnokii and smsd
  • gnapplet for S60 3rd Edition
  • gnokii daemon/proxy with few GUI apps showing it works :-)
  • redesign the API to support modern phones (e.g. the phonebook handling code isn't powerful enough).
  • FUSE filesystem for all FBUS protocols
  • other language bindings (Perl, Ruby, Python, Java, C#, ...)
  • pluggable drivers
  • configurable way of setting features for the phone models
  • redesign API top-down
  • smsd segfaults on Mac OS X and on Haiku (not necessarily for the same reason)
  • check if a new API is needed to avoid that automatic SMS renumbering by the phone makes GN_OP_DeleteSMS delete the wrong message
  • check if some bugs from Savannah or Debian or Ubuntu can be closed
  • some phones return "invalid location" for SMS when in fact the location is just empty, we would need to get max supported location number (see code for --showsmsfolderstatus) and change the error code
  • some phones (eg. Motorola V186) seems to assign an always increasing location number to received SMS, consider using AT+CMGL and do transparent renumbering starting at 1
  • implement (optional?) SMS resend after a timeout reusing the same reference number to avoid double billing in case the first SMS was actually sent but we didn't wait long enough, see ETSI TS 123 040, subclause TP-Message-Reference (TP-MR)
  • also User:Dforsi has a list of things to do
  • User:Pkot always has some unfinished tasks
  • official TODO

Released versions

A more detailed ChangeLog is available here or as git log.


Released 2nd Dec 2011

  • [done] possibility to change driver on runtime [pkot]
  • [done] improves Samsung support [Raphaël Droz, grunge]
  • [done] fixes for series40 [pkot, dforsi]
  • [done] numerous fixes and improvements to libgnokii [dforsi, pkot]


Released 23rd Jan 2011

  • [done] new phonet driver (connection=phonet) to support Linux kernel with phonet and cdc_phonet drivers [dforsi]
  • [done] numerous fixes and improvements to libgnokii [dforsi, pkot]
  • [done] make Windows version work properly [pkot]
  • [done] SQLite3 backend for smsd [Santeri Toikka]


Released 23rd Apr 2010

  • [done] implement basedir spec from freedesktop [pkot]
  • [done] fix SMS encoding [pkot, dforsi]
  • [done] check splitting of multipart SMS [pkot, dforsi]
  • [done] improve support for phonebook on series40 [pkot, dforsi]
  • [done] improve support for calendar on series40 [pkot, dforsi]
  • [done] make fake driver more suitable for automated tests [pkot, dforsi]


Released 7th Sep 2009

  • [done] Unicode internal representation for SMS [pkot]
  • [done] Portability fixes and bug fixes [various people]
  • [done] Bluetooth support for FreeBSD [Guido Falsi] adapted to NetBSD [dforsi]
  • [done] MMS reading and deleting for Nokia Series40 3rd, still experimental [dforsi]


Released 10th Oct 2008

  • [done] New SMS implementation for series40 3rd Edition and later [pkot]
  • [done] New memory types for SMS like Drafts or multiple types of outbox [pkot, dforsi]
  • [done] Improved vCal and vCard handling [hadess]
  • [done] rfcomm channel autodetection [hadess, pkot]


Released 30th May 2008

  • [done] Fix vCards reading/writing according to RFC [dforsi]
  • [done] Fix SMSD going into infinite loop when the phone sometimes reports success on 0th position, sometimes not [pkot]
  • [done] improvements to +CREG response handling [pkot, dforsi, hadess]


Released 3rd May 2008

  • [done] Allow to use --entersecuritycode with another gnokii command [Pavel Kankovsky]
  • [done] Use standardized functions to print out enums' values [dforsi, pkot]
  • [done] vCard support compliant with RFC2426 [dforsi]
  • [done] Delete sms and phonebook in pcsc driver [Pavel Kankovsky]
  • [done] Correctly handle another format of +CRING: in AT driver [dforsi]


Released 20th March 2008

  • [done] many, many fixes to AT driver which should be great for Sony-Ericsson and Samsung users; changes touch memory type handling and will improve SMS and phonebook operations [hadess, dforsi]
  • [done] new configuration API; that's targetted at 3rd party apps developers -- now you can store configuration eg. in gconf and call new API to make gnokii work [pkot]
  • [done] AT and pcsc drivers now support gnokii --showsmsfolderstatus [dforsi]


Released 15th February 2008

  • [done] build system is now based on automake [hadess]
  • [done] SMS reading for some kind of Series40 phones [pkot]
  • [done] correct FBUS sequence number initialization [pkot]
  • [done] show a dialog for unimplemented menu items in xgnokii [dforsi]


Released 24th November 2007

  • [done] fix phonebook entries deletion from xgnokii [dforsi]
  • [done] fix moving phonebook entries from SIM to phone and vice versa from xgnokii [dforsi]
  • [done] fix initialization for some DKU-5 cases [jmjt]
  • [done] fix not working message retries [pkot]
  • [done] fix non working SMS reading on DKU-2 connection [pkot]
  • [done] fix non working SMS notification on Motorola [hadess]
  • [done] fix model reading on Motorolas [hadess]
  • [done] fix installation issues [pkot]
  • [done] add possibility to build gnokii with MS Visual Studio 2008 [jmjt]
  • [done] gnapplet now registers its bluetooth service so you can check if it's running [bozo]


Released 11th November 2007

  • [done] improved DKU-5 initialization stage [pkot]
  • [done] fix memory corruption due to overflows in the local stack [hadess, pkot, dforsi]
  • [done] BlueZ connection non blocking on read() [pkot]
  • [done] new Portugal translation [d3vice]
  • [done] fixes to phonebook handling all over the place [dforsi]
  • [done] simplification of Makefiles [dforsi]
  • [done] setactiveprofile support in gnapplet and new gnapplet.sis version [bozo]
  • [done] sendsms in FBUS protocol seems to be handled in async way sometimes [pkot]


Released 27th October 2007

  • [done] new driver for SIM Card Reader (pcsc) [dforsi]
  • [done] improved phonebook reading in AT driver [pkot]
  • [done] SMS saving in mbox [pkot]
  • [done] setdatetime for SonyEricsson [pkot]
  • [done] fix DKU-5 initialization [pkot]
  • [done] various segfaults fixed
  • [done] various cleanups


Released 10th October 2007

  • fixes for various bugs found in the previous version. See ChangeLog for details. No new features this time.


Released 24th July 2007

  • [done] fixes of incoming sms and call notification handling -- this was driven mostly by Bastien Nocera
  • [done] updates to extended phonebook handling -- now you should be able to read most of the phonebook entries attributes from modern series40 phones -- this is from Keith Packard's patches
  • [done] support for multipart SMSes in SMSD -- for now just for MySQL backend -- this work was done by Alain Degreffe


Released 21st June 2007

  • [done] memleaks fixes in gnokii and xgnokii [dforsi]
  • [done] fixes of gnokii option parsing [dforsi]
  • [done] gnokii segfault when config is missing or broken fix [dforsi]
  • [done] use defaults in config there incorrect values are given [pkot]
  • [done] support more than one phone connected via DKU2 [pkot]


Released 11th May 2007

  • [done] compilation fixes for Solaris
  • [done] compilation fixes for Windows


Released 7th May 2007

  • [done] partial support for reading extented phonebook entries [pkot]
  • [done] fixes for some nasty segfaults
  • [done] better support for Samsung mobiles in AT driver.
  • [done] correct decoding of unicode sms [pkot]
  • [done] move irda blacklist to xgnokii [pkot]
  • [done] Bluetooth support on Windows [pkot, Jari Turkia]


Released 28th August 2006

  • [done] remove use of deprecated functions in gnokii, gnokiid, xgnokii and smsd [pkot]
  • [done] add --config and --phone options to gnokii invocation [pkot]
  • [done] multiple phone support in gnokii [pkot]
  • [done] better handling of the command line parameters in gnokii [pkot]


Released 18th June 2006

  • [done] dku2 libusb driver [pkot]
  • [done] support for writing changes in calendar changes [pkot]
  • [done] dku2 driver for linux > 2.6.14 [chris]
  • [done] cleanups in gnokii API


Released 11th March 2006

  • [done] fix core dump in xgnokii when gnokii-artwork package is not installed [pkot]


Released 16th February 2006

  • [done] remove hardcoded phone list from the unixirda.c/winirda.c [pkot]
  • [done] extended calendar parameters in nk6510 driver [pkot]
  • [done] extended calendar parameters in gnapplet driver [bozo]
  • [done] extended calendar parameters in gnokii and xgnokii [pkot]
  • [done] dialpad for dial voice dialog in xgnokii [pkot]
  • [done] support for reminders in nk6510 driver [pkot]
  • [done] exclude phone xpm images from the release tarball [pkot]
  • [done] RING and +CRING support [bozo]
  • [done] virtual IrCOMM device support for windows [bozo]
  • [done] fix nk6510 driver MakeCall function [pkot]
  • [done] fix nk6510 driver Subscribe function [pkot]
  • [done] fix FBUS initialization for the phones with long response time [pkot]
  • [done] AT support for Nokia 2112 (no AT+CGMx commands) [bozo]

Older versions

Information about older versions can be found in the Docs/README file coming with gnokii or in its CVS copy.