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Manufacturer : Nokia
Model        : RM-443
Product name : RM-443
Revision     : V 09.10


model = 6510
port = 1
connection = dku2libusb

Using stock USB cable:

--getphonebook SM 1 end - works nice
--getsms IN 1 end - works nice
--sendsms <phonum - works nice
--deletesms IN 1 - worked nice
--deletephonebook SM - works fine

--writephonebook - I couldn't make that work:
Write FAILED (Command timed out.): memory type: SM, loc: 56, name: test, number: 88

Some functionality (tested only reading phonebook) also works with:

model AT and device /dev/ttyACM0, connection = serial

Keep watch on what mode the phone is set to. It should ask you when you connect it to the PC. For example setting it to storage mode, you wont be able to work with it with gnokii

Look also at Nokia 6300 for bluetooth. I haven't tried on 6303 but it seems very likely to work as good as the 6300.

Look at this thread in case I have missed something.