Nk6100 driver

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Nk6100 driver

Note: Nokia 6100 phones are handled by the Nk6510 driver.

Supported models

Since nk6100.c version 1.189:


Config 1: Linux, serial connection

  • config:
model = 6110
port = /dev/ttyS0
connection = serial

Note: for most commands sm_retry = 1 is needed

Note: you don't need to specify the exact model number because model = 6110 works with all models supported by this driver (the driver will automatically recognise the phone).

Note: this driver also supports the FBUS protocol over an MBUS2 serial cable using connection = m2bus but not all phones support this mix and it is so slow that you will want to use it only as a last resort. Reported to work are 3310 with firmware 5.79 and 3330 with firmware 4.30; a 3310 with a 4.x firmware was reported to do only FBUS over serial and MBUS over m2bus (however the latter isn't supported by this driver); no information about other phones.

Config 2: Linux, infrared connection


Unimplemented gnokii commands

Commands resulting in a "not implemented" error issued by the driver.

SMS Commands

         --showsmsfolderstatus (see note)

there is no support for custom SMS folders on these phones

Note: --showsmsfolderstatus is implemented since gnokii version 0.6.18 (nk6100.c version 1.213) to show status of SM memory.

ToDo Commands


use --getcalendarnote --writecalendarnote and --deletecalendarnote instead

WAP Commands


these probably could be implemented for 3330 and similar

Ringtone Commands


before nk6100.c version 1.198 this command worked only with model 51xx and 61xx; starting with gnokii 0.6.15 this command is supported also by 3210|3310|3330 and possibly others

File Commands


there is no support for a filesystem on these phones