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Note that write access was disabled due to the spam problem. If you want write access contact Pawel Kot or ask for it on gnokii users mailing list (gnokii-users at nongnu dot org). Be sure to provide your user name. You created an account here, didn't you?

Welcome to gnokii wiki pages.

This is the site for sharing experiences using gnokii software. All pages are split out across the several sections to ease the navigation.


To make a donation click 'Make a Donation' button below. All donations will be published below. If you want to be anonymous, please note it in the donation notes.

Please note that donating is not a way to buy implementation of some new gnokii functionality. We still do it for fun, not for money. We much appreciate the donation but we can't offer anything in exchange for it other than an assurance we'll use it to make gnokii better.