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You can assume that your phone is supported, however there are rare cases that you will get very limited functionality with gnokii.

This page lists those cases.



Series 40 3rd

Phone doesn't support AT*NOKIAFBUS so model = series40 connection = serial port = /dev/ttyACM0 doesn't work.

Phone doesn't support reading SMS with model = AT.

Phone sends a notification with empty fields when SMS is received.

Human intervention is always needed to start PC Suite Mode after plugging the USB cable and/or after rebooting the computer.


  • config: preferred configuration for DKU2 cable and similar
model = series40
port = 1
connection = dku2libusb

Phones showing this behaviour

Series 40 5th

Unsupported commands

  • --writecalendarnote

Phones showing this behaviour

Series 60 3rd

Phone doesn't support FBUS over Bluetooth, only over USB. It seems that both the FBUS and the AT protocol are crippled. See Series 60 3rd Ed for details.

  • config: Series 60 3rd, AT over Bluetooth
model = AT
port = 00:11:22:33:44:55
connection = bluetooth
  • config: Series 60 3rd, FBUS over USB
model = series60
port = 1
connection = dku2libusb
  • config: Series 60 3rd, AT over USB (not recommended since usually FBUS supports more commands)
model = AT
port = /dev/ttyACM0
connection = serial

Phone doesn't support reading SMS and phonebook, neither with model = AT nor with model = series60 nor with other settings.


To read the phonebook you can use the OBEX protocol.

This gets the whole phonebook in vCard 2.1 format (getting a single entry doesn't seem to work):

obexftp --bluetooth 00:11:22:33:44:55 --get telecom/pb.vcf

OpenSync framework with SyncML has been reported to work with Series 60 3rd Edition. See or SyncML-OBEX-Client (Suse documentation, but contains general information).

Phones showing this behaviour

  • Nokia N73
  • probably all other Series 60 3rd Ed. and later.

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