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Before reporting a problem with gnokii make sure that:

  • it isn't a known problem (use a search engine)
  • it still exists in the current development version
  • you can explain how to reproduce it

Your report will be useless without the following information:

  • phone model and how do you connect (Bluetooth/IrDa/cable with its type)
  • the values of the configuration parameters model, connection and port
  • which program you are using (gnokii, xgnokii, smsd) and its version (gnokii --version or smsd --version) along with source for it: git, tarball, binary package
  • edit your gnokiirc and enable debugging (see below) and attach gzipped output to the email:
   LC_MESSAGES=en_US.UTF8 gnokii {parameters} >errfile 2>&1
(with LC_MESSAGE=en_US.UTF8 the program output and the error messages will be in English)
  • if you get a SEGFAULT, a backtrace is needed (refer to segfault)
  • if you get encoding errors always use the git version
  • if you are using a Nokia do your tests also with the fake driver
  • if you get communication errors, kernel version (and libusb version when using connection = dku2libusb)

Send resulting report to gnokii-users (at) nongnu.org

If you want to debug yourself, use the git version and run autogen.sh (or configure) with --disable-shared to build statically linked versions that are easier to deal with, in this case the executables can be run as:


Enabling debug output

Debug routines are compiled in by default and can be enabled in the [logging] section of the configuration file.

To enable the debug output for the drivers and for gnokii, set debug = on

To enable the debug output for higer level routines of smsd and xgnokii, set xdebug = on

  debug = on
  xdebug = on

Note that smsd has a command line option (--logfile filename) to send a log output to a given file, but it shows only high level events (successful and unsuccessful sending, receiving and insertion of messages as well as duplicated and multipart messages) and so it is more useful for normal usage than for debugging.