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Bluetooth setup

Recent Linux Distributions

Current distributions (i.e. Ubuntu 10.04) have a small bluetooth icon in the system tray next to the clock. Pair your phone there once, and you can continue with the phone configuration.

Manual bluetooth setup

The following examples are taken from Ubuntu Linux 6.06. The description assumes that you have DBUS server running.

First make sure that Bluetooth packages are installed. Most important are these containing bluez-libs and bluez-utils. There may be also bluez-pin package. You should have /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf file with the content similiar to the following syntax:

options {
       # Automatically initialize new devices
       autoinit yes;

       # Security Manager mode
       #   none - Security manager disabled
       #   auto - Use local PIN for incoming connections
       #   user - Always ask user for a PIN
       security auto;

       # Pairing mode
       #   none  - Pairing disabled
       #   multi - Allow pairing with already paired devices
       #   once  - Pair once and deny successive attempts
       pairing multi;

       # PIN helper
       pin_helper /usr/bin/bluez-pin;

Make sure that pin_helper variable is uncommented and set to /usr/bin/bluez-pin. Next step is to run pin helper daemon and restart bluetooth subsystem (the latter command is for Debian systems):

pkot@bua:~$ bluez-pin --dbus &
pkot@bua:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/bluez-utils restart

Now, unless phone and pc are paired, after entering pin on the phone you should get password popup window on your screen.

You may try to run:

pkot@bua:~$ hcitool cc XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

to estabilish a connection between phone and PC and avoid further PIN questions.


On Windows gnokii supports only MS bluetooth stack so make sure you use the proper one. If you use other bluetooth stack most likely you will get the output like this:

Serial device: opening device 1
socket: Result too large
Failed to create a bluetooth socket
Couldn't open PHONET device: result too large
Error in link initialisation: 1

Phone setup

You need to enable Bluetooth in phone menus but there's no need to make the phone "visible" or "discoverable" if you know its Bluetooth address (on some Nokia models you can type *#2820# to read it).

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